Locrian Workshop is a partnership between the Ensemble and a selected composer to develop a new work for an upcoming concert.  Composers are invited to submit proposals for pieces scored for the following instruments or some subset thereof:  flute/piccolo/alto flute, 2 violins, viola, cello, piano and harp.


This program is designed for composers who are out of school and in the early stages of their careers.  When composers leave school, they lose the opportunity for experimentation that an academic environment provides.  Furthermore, most commissions in the professional realm do not afford the opportunity to develop new pieces through trial and error.  A composer must wait for a piece to be premiered before learning what works and what doesn’t, a situation that discourages the taking of risks.  Our workshop addresses this problem.

General Info:

The selected composer will be invited to participate in a workshop reading, by the ensemble, of an unfinished piece.  The reading will take place in late summer (exact date to be determined in consultation with the composer) in New York City.  The reading will be recorded.  The composer will then be given six months to complete the work, which will then be programmed on the next Locrian season.

If the selected composer does not live in the New York City area, a travel stipend of up to $500 may be provided.


·All U.S. residents (including noncitizens) who are not enrolled in an academic program for the current school year are eligible.

·There is no age restriction, but preference will be given to composers in the early stages of their careers.

·Friends and family of Locrian personnel (David Macdonald, Calvin Wiersma, Conrad Harris, Daniel Panner, Greg Hesselink, Diva Goodfriend-Koven, Jonathan Faiman, Emily Wong and Anna Reinersman) are not eligible.

·Composers whose works have previously been performed by Locrian are not eligible.

Application Materials:

Please submit the following:

  1.  A cover letter providing us with your name, age, e-mail address, street address, phone number and a one paragraph description of the piece you wish to write for the ensemble.  Specify the instrumentation and an estimated duration.
  2. A bound score and (if available) CD of a chamber work that you have written in the past five years.  This work does not have to be for the same instrumentation as your proposed piece.
  3. A resume or CV (maximum 2 pages)
  4. A list of works you have written in the past five years
  5. A processing fee of $15 in the form of a check made out to “The Locrian Chamber Players.”

Send all materials to:

The Locrian Chamber Players

111 Old Albany Post Rd.

Ossining, NY 10562

Be sure to indicate that no signature is required for delivery.