Performance History

2020 Online Festival of Solos

Saturday, September 19 at 7:30PM

  • Thomas Adès   Souvenir
  • John Luther Adams   Three High Places
  • Andrew Lovett   Fortune’s Will
  • Jacqueline Horner-Kwiatek   The Beauty of the World*

Saturday, September 26 at 7:30PM

  • Alvin Singleton   In My Own Skin
  • Douglas Fisk   Bagatelles
  • Brooke Joyce   Rubha Hunish***

Saturday, October 3 at 7:30PM

  • Eve Beglarian   From the Same Melancholy Fate
  • Poul Ruders   Autumn Collection
  • Jo Kondo   Three Winter Months
  • Jessie Montgomery   Rhapsody No. 1

* World Premiere ** U.S. Premiere *** New York Premiere